The Truth about E Cig

Cigarette smoking has been one of the number one killers for centuries as several cases of lung cancer have been attributed to smoking cigarettes. While some people managed to get rid of their cigarette smoking addiction, others underwent a painful process of detaching themselves from the habitual smoking that they were used to for many years. To the delight of chain smokers, e cig or known as electronic cigarette is already available in the market to replace the traditional tobacco that emits harmful substances along with the smoke produced.

E Cig

E Cig

Just what is an e cig? It is actually a device that is powered by electricity that resembles the actual smoking process as traditionally done with a common tobacco. It makes use of heat to turn the chemical combination of propylene glycol into a vapor that can be inhaled by the user itself. In some instances, ultrasonics is also utilized instead of heat in vaporizing the said liquid solution that is basically glycerine-based. Some components of e cigs include a LED light cover, a battery as the electric source, an atomizer which is responsible in heating the liquid, and a cartridge that serves as the mouthpiece to which the vaporized liquid is inhaled.

E cigs vary according to their designs and nature depending upon the e cig brand. Some simply copy the actual tobacco pipes, or cigars, however, some also are designed like screwdrivers or ballpoint pens for practical reasons. Some e cigs are also designed for a single usage only hence they are disposable while other e cig brands release electronic cigarettes which are refillable and therefore reusable in character.

It must not be confused that the real purpose of having e cig on the market is for smokers who want to quit tobacco smoking at a gradual rate. Although it does not contain the toxic substances which can be found on traditional tobaccos, some e cig brands still have the nicotine component which possesses an addictive property. Some countries have different binding policies as to the marketing and distribution of e cig while the use of them is still on debates.

 As e cig reviews are proliferating in every page of the internet, the popularity of this product is becoming more and more escalated. For the critics of the product, e cig is found to be risky on the part of the non-smokers and especially children who will be eager to try the product as moved by sheer curiosity especially with its appealing flavourings.

Whatever the case may be, if you are one of those people who want to free yourselves from the chains of smoking addiction, you might as well take the step of using e cig to replace the actual tobacco and cigarettes which are deemed hazardous to your health. To guide you with the positive attributes of electronic cigarettes face to face to its adverse effects, you might as well check on the internet pages and browse for e cig reviews which might be of help to you.


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