Are Electric Cigarettes Really Healthy?

One of the reasons for the high mortality rate in the modern era is lung cancer which is brought about by smoking cigarettes or tobacco. That is why several innovations have been created to help people avoid the addictive smoking practice. The introduction of electric cigarettes has created hype with the promise that electric cigarettes are more advantageous than traditional ones. The increasing popularity of the product seems to have increased the urgency to find the answer to the question: Are electric cigarettes are really safe to use?

Electronic cigarette are healthy?

Before you dig deeper into the real issue of electric cigarettes, you might as well know what an electric cigarette is. Basically, an electric cigarette is a device that takes the form of a real cigarette and its mechanism is to simulate the smoking process. Since it is powered by electricity, it needs a battery to serve as the source of power. It is also composed of an atomizer which acts as a heating element that vaporizes the liquid solution housed therein. The device is completed by a mouthpiece from which the vaporized liquid passes through to be inhaled by the user.

Different electric cigarettes brands have their own unique features and packaging. Some electric cigarette companies release newer models which are jam-packed with powerful attributes just to be more attractive to smokers. Some electric cigarettes brands have rechargeable batteries in order to be economical and practical. Others are enhancing the capacity of their atomizers while reducing the cost by using cartomizers instead of atomizers. Other electric cigarette brands make use of several fruity flavorings in the solution which may appeal to the tastes of certain users. But, the best electric cigarettes brand are those which really produce pleasure very similar to that experienced when smoking real cigarettes or tobacco pipes. That is why some companies include nicotine in their liquid content so as to mimic the real tobacco taste in the real ones.

However, the question is whether an electric cigarette is safe to use or not. Proponents of these products assert that electric cigarettes are the best alternative when it comes to replacing real cigarettes and are said to be useful for those who want to quit smoking. Although the same pleasure is delivered to the user, the big difference is the absence of toxic chemicals which may harm one’s health. On the other hand, health experts do not recommend the use of electric cigarettes. This is because the adverse effect of pure nicotine inhalation is still unknown. Whatever the case may be, using electric cigarettes instead of real ones is still seen to be preferable. You just have to be careful when choosing the best electric cigarettes brand.


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