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Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is a global leader in e-cigarettes. The company has been excelling in the market with its prestigious brands like ‘Vapor King’, ‘Amerismoke’, ‘Duo Pro’, ‘Smoke Pass’ and other products. Electronic Cigarettes Inc. offers new-age electronic cigarettes to customers who see smoking as a matter of taste and style. The company never compromises on the quality of its products. Its multi-branded cigarette offering presents quite a challenge to its competitors.

Electronic cigarette Inc.

Electronic Cigarettes Inc’s clientele is spread across the world. Whether it is in the wholesale or the retail market, this is an organization that handles every order with care and ensures excellent customer satisfaction. Electronic Cigarettes Inc. conducts regular surveys to know the requirements of the customers and to deliver products accordingly.

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Competitive Edge

  • Its quality and standards are the key strengths in keeping the company on top and always above its competitors.
  •  High customer satisfaction.
  • Top quality products available at affordable prices.
  •  Most other companies either compromise in quality or in terms of customer satisfaction but Electronic Cigarettes Inc. maintains both at commendable levels.
  •   Customers have the advantage of selecting their cigarettes from a wide range of options.

How does Electronic Cigarettes Inc Work?

  •   An electronic cigarette is run by a rechargeable battery.
  •   The Atomizer in the e-cig produces heat to create vapors from the liquidized nicotine.
  •   The vapors produced are free from strong or offensive odor. This e-cig is completely tobacco free.
  •   A micro-sensor is fitted inside the cigarette to detect the puffs and the light glows at the tip of the e-cig whenever the smoker draws on the e-cig.
  •   As you inhale the vapor, you get the same feel as if you were smoking a traditional cigarette.
  •   When the cigarette is running out of nicotine liquid, it can be replaced with another cartridge by unscrewing it from the battery.
  •   Available nicotine strengths include medium, low, high or zero nicotine.
  •   The available flavors are menthol, chocolate, cappuccino, vanilla, strawberry, apple, cherry and many more.
  •   Safer than any other traditional or tobacco stuffed cigarette which emits hard smoke, carbon monoxide and harmful chemicals. 

Electronic Cigarettes Inc Starter Kits

Electronic cigarette Inc offers a range of starter kits. There are third party kits as well which the customer can choose from.

Duo Pro Starter kit: There is the much sought after Duo Pro Starter Kit which contains two charging units i.e. batteries, one pack of cartomizer plus one extra pack of cartomizer. Two charging options, USB charger and Home outlet charger plus a user manual. The kit comes in gift box packaging. KangerTech manufactures this kit.

Price: $29.95

Smoke Pass starter kit: You have two kits offered under this category; there is the Smoke Pass express starter kit and the smoke pass deluxe starter kit. The smoke pass express starter kit contains one battery, one USB charger and two cartomizer cartridges. The smoke deluxe starter kit contains 2 smoke pass batteries, 5 Cartomizers, one USB charger and one wall charger. Kangertech manufactures this kit for smoke pass and the products are on sale on Electronic Cigarette Inc.

Price: Smoke Pass Express Kit- $19.95, Smoke Pass Deluxe Kit: $29.95.

Vapor King Storm: Vapor king storm offers two kits, the vapor king storm express clearomizer kit and the vapor king storm clearomizer deluxe kit. The express kit contains one storm battery, one storm clearomizer along with a 10 ml bottle of e liquid in a flavor of your choice, three charging options- USB charger, USB adapter, Home outlet charger and a carry case. The deluxe clearomizer kit contains two batteries (650-mAh), two clearomizer, and one bottle of premium e liquid, one storm USB charger and one storm USB adapter plus a carry case.

Price: Vapor King Storm Express Clearomizer Kit-$24.95, Vapor King Storm Deluxe Clearomizer Kit- $39.95.

Vapor king E Tank: The vapor king E Tank kit contains two rechargeable batteries, two atomizers, and a pack of cartridges (pre-filled or empty) in the choice of flavor and nicotine strength of the user, one Home outlet charger, one USB charger and a user manual. You can choose between automatic and manual starter kit type.

Price: $39.95

There are other third party kits as well like the eVod starter kit and eVod Blister Starter Kit by Kanger Tech and there are multitudes of other starter kits offered by Inookin brand. The price of the kits varies from $29.95 to $99.95.


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  • Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is glad to offer its products of superior quality at well discounted rates:
  •   Amerismoke Starter Kit’s price is $119.99 but is available for only $89.95. This equals a 25% discount.
  •   Vapor King Charger Pack Kit’s actual price is $64.95 but offered at only $59.95.
  •   Amerismoke Micro Starter Kit’s actual price is $139.99 but can be yours for only $99.95. This is a 29% discount.


  •   Duo Pro Battery with multiple color options available at $14.95 along with auto or manual push button facility.
  •   Amerismoke batteries are available for $29.95.
  •   Vapor King Mega battery is available at $14.95.
  •   Each of these batteries guarantees 250 to 300 puffs until its next charge.


  •   Vapor King Home Outlet Charger is available as an individual piece at $08.95 only.
  •   Vapor King Charger Pack is available at $08.95  with a 50% deduction on its actual price of $29.95.
  •   This charger charges e-cig batteries on the go.


  •   There is a one month replacement warranty available on every product.
  •   One month money back guarantee if not satisfied with the product. Customer has to fill the Return Merchandise Authorization form and submit it in order to get the refund within 2 weeks.
  •   Refund facility will be applicable only for cartridges. 

Delivery options

  •   Free shipping facility can be availed of by all US customers and products will be delivered within 48 hours of placement of the order.
  •   International delivery can be performed within one or two weeks.

User Feedback

Customers always give a high rating to Electronic Cigarettes Inc. in terms of customer satisfaction. Once they come in contact with this company, they stay with them and have their e-cig needs fulfilled by the company because Electronic Cigarettes Inc. never fails to meet their expectations.


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