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Esmoke e-cigarettes are assembled and tested in the USA so you can be sure that they deliver high quality products. eSmoke has recently been named the “best pulling e-cigarette” by Top Ten Reviews and with good reason. Other brands of electronic cigarettes may be less pleasurable because of their finicky nature when it comes to taking a drag or pulling. Some won’t function properly if you pull too hard while others will not work at all if you breathe in too softly. 

Fortunately, eSmoke has overcome the issues present in other brands and offers a number of great features. Though at first glance, eSmoke products may seem to be more expensive than what the competition offers, consider the lifetime warranty offered on the product. Since a number of electronic cigarettes are produced as inexpensively as possible in China, many other companies would lose money if they stood behind their products so strongly. The amount of money saved on replacing cheap and ineffective parts will quickly make up for any price difference. 

eSmoke also offers a product called the “Express Starter Kit” at the very low price of $49.95. This is the best value for money product offered by eSmoke. You may be interested in using it as your first starter pack if you are making the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-smoking. 

This pack includes:

  • 1 Lithium battery
  • 1 USB charger
  • 2 Cartridges (1 tobacco/ 1 Menthol) 

The other starter kits eSmoke offer is a Basic Starter Kit for $74.95 and an Advanced Starter Kit which is available for $99.95

Here are some of the other reasons why eSmoke users love this company: 

  • Multiple carrying case colors to choose from.
  • Portable charging cases.
  • Both short and long batteries available for purchase.
  • eJuice refills to easily save money.
  • Nicotine-free cartridges.
  • Disposable models in both menthol and tobacco flavor.
  • Assembled and tested in the United States. 

With so many reasons to try eSmoke electronic cigarettes, it almost seems silly to stay with your old “real” cigarettes. Switch to electronic cigarettes today and your body will

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