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The EverSmoke brand of electronic cigarettes provides a truly satisfying smoking experience. This new brand of e-cigarettes has emerged as one of the best in the industry and it doesn’t surprise me. All of EverSmoke batteries utilize a superior two piece technology and ensure that you get a fresh atomizer with every cartridge change.

EverSmoke lithium ion batteries are extremely advanced, fast charging and maintain a charge longer than other brands. On the end of every battery they have a crystal LED light that glows orange when you puff the e cig. This brand really overwhelmed me, not only because of the look and feel of their electronic cigarettes, but also with the vapor production which is incredible.

I like the fact that they offer four quality starter kits, all of which are reasonably priced.

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EverSmoke starter kit

EverSmoke offers six e cigarette starter kits, out of the six e cigarette starter kits that EverSmoke offers; three have almost the same contents except for a difference or two.

Eversmoke Starter kitThe EverSmoke Starter Kit and the Reusable Starter Kit, both have the same contents. Both of them have one standard battery, one pack of cartridges, one USB charger, one portable wall charger, one pack of nicotine cartridges and a user manual. The EverSmoke starter kit has one high capacity battery as well which is not there in the reusable starter kit. The regular price of the EverSmoke starter kit is $79.99 but the reduced prices is $15.99 while the regular price of the EverSmoke reusable starter kit is $39.99 but the reduced price is $29.99. The reduced price may put the EverSmoke starter kit in the first spot but if we talk about the regular price, the reusable starter kit is the cheapest starter kit offered by EverSmoke.

Visit sitesThe Basic Starter Kit is exactly like the EverSmoke starter kit, they both have the same contents. The regular price of the basic starter kit is $79.99 while the reduced price is $49.99.

The Pro Kit has everything that the basic starter kit has plus a power e cig. The power e cig can be used and charged simultaneously and that makes it is a very useful product but the contents of the kit still do not justify the price tag of $79.99(regular price-$99.99).

The Ultimate Starter Kit offers a lot to its buyers, the kit comes with one high capacity automatic battery and one high capacity manual battery, and there is a standard automatic battery. In addition, the kit has one portable charging case, 1 power cig, 1 portable wall charger, 1 USB charger, 1 car-charging adapter, a carry case and 15 nicotine cartridges. However, the kit comes for a price of $149.99, which is a huge sum to pay for this kit or any starter kit for that matter.

The couple’s kit combo has all the contents of the basic starter kit in 2*x quantity. This kit is meant to be used by a couple or two people.


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The highlights from my review of EverSmoke:

EverSmoke produces maximum vapor.Ever Smoke’s exclusive VaporMax flavor cartridges are delicious and you can really taste the flavor. They are available in 10 different flavors and packaged in realistic looking cigarette boxes.

EverSmoke offers cartridges in 4 different nicotine strengths and this brand can be used by consumers who are looking to quit or gradually decrease nicotine consumption.  The batteries hold a charge longer than others on the market.  The LED on the end of the battery is crystal and far better than the plastic tip of other brands.

Although not mandatory, they provide customers with the convenience of joining a Home Delivery Program and offer 20% savings every month on cartridges.  Ever Smoke offers its customers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Replacement warranty on all of their products.

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