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Premium Electronic CigaretteThe Premium E-cigarette describes itself as a personal vaporizer but it really resembles an electronic cigarette. It is a technology that allows smokers to enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of smoking without a lighter, the residue i.e. the smoldering ash and the offensive odor. Indeed, it is tobacco free although it contains nicotine and water. It is suitable for light inhalers, daily puffers and heavy smokers. Smokers can now use the Premium E-cigarette without worrying about stained teeth and bad breath. 

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Premium E-cigarette versus the competition

Premium E-cigarette is one of the e cig companies to offer customized cases and colorful battery exteriors. It has taken electronic cigarettes to the level where they can be flaunted to match dresses, ambiences and occasions. It is a company which offers two-colored electronic cigarettes in dazzling combinations with a mosaic of colors on display. Its cases can charge batteries while being on the move which is the ultimate thing in mobility solutions for e cigs. 

How To Use The Premium E-Cigarette

Working of a Premium E-cigarette is so simple that it sounds too good to be true. The cigarette consists of two parts. One is the atomized cartridge which resembles the filter in a regular device. The other part is the battery which is shaped like the paper or the cylindrical roll of tobacco in a regular cigarette. One end of the atomized cartridge consists of smooth shining metal with concentric threads while the other end contains a micro-perforation which needs to be put into the mouth.

Similarly, one end of the battery consists of a little bulb and the other contains a groove into which the atomized cartridge must be screwed. (It is best to screw the battery into the charger so that it is fully charged before you begin using it). The cartridge must be screwed into the battery and once this is done, the cigarette is ready for use. Once the E-cigarette has been assembled, the user simply needs to put it into his mouth and ‘draw’ on it.

In the atomized cartridge there is a sensor and atomizing device. The sensor detects the suction created by the smoker drawing on it and triggers the atomizer which converts the nicotine into a vapor. This vapor is taken up by the smoker. The battery supplies the required power for the sensor, the atomizer and also for the bulb that glows every time the user inhales through the e-cigarette. 

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Premium E Cigarette Starter Kits

Premium e cigarette offers 12 e cigarette starter kits in all to its users. There are different kits for different types of users and the price of the kits vary from $19.95-$120; hence, there are kits for everyone and anyone.

Entry Level Kits

In the entry-level kits you can choose from five different kits, the price of the kits in this level varies from $19.95-$30.

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit: This kit is the lowest priced kit offered by premium e cigarette, the kit has one battery(classic/queen), one pack of cartridges in a varied choice of flavors and nicotine strength, one USB charger and one carry case, the color for which can be chosen by the user.

Premium Vape KitPremium Vape EGO Lux Kit: the premium vape EGO Lux kit is prices at $24.95, the kit comes with one EGO battery, which is a high performance battery from premium e cigarette, one clearomizer, one USB charger and a user manual. The kit does not have a lot to offer but then again at a price of $24.95, you are getting an EGO battery and a clearomizer, so it is a good bargain.

Premium Slim Kit: The premium slim kit has one slim battery, one premium clearomizer, one USB charger and a manual. The premium vape EGO Lux kit and the slim kit are almost similar; the only difference is between the batteries. This kit comes at the same price as the premium vape EGO Lux kit.

Premium Express Kit: The last kit in this range comes for a price of $29.95; this kit has one rechargeable e cigarette, one pack of cartridges in your choice of flavor and nicotine strength, one USB charger and one AC adapter. The added advantage with this kit is that you get a disposable e cigarette as well. This is a great kit if you want to try the rechargeable e cigarette and the disposable e cigarette in one single kit at low price.

The Pack: The pack is a portable charging case, which comes with one e cig battery, two cartridges in tobacco/menthol flavor with 16 mg nicotine strength, 1 mini USB cable along with a user manual. This pack can hold two cartridges, one assembled e cigarette and one battery in the charging slot. The pack will cost you $30, a fair price to pay for these products.

Mid Level Kits

In mid level kits, you have three options; the prices of the kits are above $30 and less than $60.

Express E Liquid Kit: The express e liquid kit is a good option for those who do not like to buy pre-filled cartridges and instead prefer to fill in the cartridges on their own. The kit comes with one classic battery, one pack of clearomizer with 808 connections, one bottle of e liquid in your choice of flavor and nicotine strength, one disposable electronic cigarette, one USB charger along with an AC Adapter. The kit comes for a price of $39.95, which is an appropriate price to pay for a kit that has so much to offer.

I FIT: Consider I Fit as a vaporizer because this device has a powerful 1300 mAh battery, which is mostly there in vaporizer or vape pens. It is lightweight despite of the heavy-duty battery and is best suited for occasional vapers or for vapers who like to carry around a stylish and sleek e cigarette with them. The I fit comes for a price of $40.

premium me starter kitME- The Female Vaporizer: With this product, premium has become one of the exclusive brands that offer e cigarette product specially designed for women. The “Me vaporizer” comes with one battery, one 2 ml capacity clearomizer, one extra coil, one wall adapter and one USB charger. The vaporizer, which comes in various colors like pink, red, black and violet, is available for a price of $59.

High-end kits

I Line: I Line is an e pipe that is available for a price of $120, it is quite expensive and is best for people who really love smoking pipes or who like to buy exclusive products. It comes in a neat packaging with one wall charger, one spare clearomizer and one micro USB charger.

premium starter kitPremium Starter Kit: The premium starter kit is a loaded starter kit, which contains the starter pack (one pack with one battery, 2 cartridges, and one USB charger), one USB charger and one battery, one pack of cartridges, one AC adapter and one disposable e cigarette. The premium starter kit comes for a price of $89.95.

Deluxe Ego Lux Kit: The Deluxe EGO Lux Kit has a lot to offer, it contains 2 EGO Lux batteries, 2 bottles of e liquid, 2 clearomizer, 2 EGO USB chargers, one AC Adapter and one disposable e cigarette. this kit comes for a price of $89.95 and is worth the money of the buyer.


There are various discounts that are currently being offered on the purchase of e-cigarette starter kits which one can check out on Premium E-cigarettes website. And, there are gift certificates valid for 12 months which cost extra and can be emailed to the recipient who has to redeem them within a year.

A whole range of colorful batteries are available from Premium E-cigarettes. Valentine’s Day, Holiday Special, Circuit Board, Star Burst and Roses are some of the exciting themes available. A single battery costs $19.95. Custom design batteries cost the same, but select themes are being sold at $24.95. 

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There is a limited 90-day refund on all products which offers free replacement of products found to be defective within 90 days of purchase. In certain cases, a replacement fee might be applicable. 

User feedback

Many users have contacted Premium E-Cigarettes to say that they are living better and feeling fitter after switching over to their brand. People who have been smoking for decades have acknowledged the difference that smoking e-cigarettes have made to their life. 


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