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Smoke Revolution has everything a smoker needs to start the process of vaping right away. First launched in January 2011, this company has demonstrated its ability and deserves to be mentioned alongside the best electronic cigarette companies in the market. Its high quality product standards, outstanding customer service and competitive prices are some of the reasons why this company has become one of our favorite electronic cigarette vendors. 

Smoke Revolution Electronic Cigarette

All Smoke Revolution Starter Kits include everything you need to put those nasty tobacco cigarettes away and start inhaling cleaner air. Starter Kits start as low as $19.90, a great price for people who want to experience and understand vaping a little bit more.

The more advanced devices go up to $74.90 with The Bazooka Tank Kit one of the more expensive offerings. All kits include 1 bottle of e-liquid and there are 20 amazing flavors available and 4 nicotine level strengths to choose from. 

Click here to visit official website of Smoke Revolution E Cigarette.

Smoke Revolution Starter Kits:

  • Try It Now Kit – $19.90
  • Revolution (510) Starter Kit – $54.90
  • The VGO Kit – $69.90
  • Revolution Smart Pack (PCC) Kit – $69.90
  • The VGO-T Tank Kit – $69.90

Premium E-Liquid Deals!

  • 10ml – $6.90
  • 30ml – $16.90: Save 18%
  • 50ml – $24.90: Save 28% 

What makes Smoke Revolution unique?

Smoke Revolution truly believes that no two smokers are the same which is why they have products to suit all tastes. They have implemented the BUILD YOUR OWN E-CIGARETTE KIT and you can choose between 2 configurations depending on what you like the most (yes, the price is the same!): (1) Two piece configuration (cartomizers) or (2) Three piece configuration (atomizers and cartridges/drip tip). You can also choose between manual and automatic batteries. Smoke Revolution let you decide what you want every time!

Refillable… everything!

At Smoke Revolution, all cartridges, cartomizers and tank cartridges are refillable. Switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes is only the first step towards saving money! Stop ordering those expensive replacement filters and save even more money by refilling your own Smoke Revolution carts.

Free Shipping to the US and Canada (No minimum order required)

One Year Limited Warranty

All orders ship in 24 hours, guaranteed.

Click here to visit official website of Smoke Revolution E Cigarette.


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