Smoketip E Cigarette Review

Smoketip Electronic Cigarette

SmokeTip is a wonderful innovative product; an electronic cigarette which can be enjoyed like a regular cigarette. It is free from tobacco, ash and requires no lighting up either. It is a great way to enjoy a cigarette anywhere you choose because only vapors are produced when you smoke it which leaves no obnoxious odor remaining in the air. It does not cause bad breath or throat irritation and is available in light, regular and strong nicotine options. You can also choose between various flavors available in the flavor range by SmokeTip.  

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  • Unlike ordinary Electronic Cigarette brands which have a low cartridge life, each SmokeTip cartridge delivers 250 puffs.
  • The atomizer is changed automatically when you change the cartridge so there is no need to worry about periodic replacement or cleaning of the atomizer.
  • The capacity of the SmokeTip battery is 180 mAh, one of the best in the industry.
  • The sealing system of the cartridge ensures that there is no leakage in the e cigarette.
  • The Easy Drag system ensures effortless puffing.
  • The prices of SmokeTip products are among the lowest on the market.
  • Shipping is fast and is generally completed in 1-3 business days.
  • Customers get the freedom to choose from various flavors and nicotine strengths.

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  • As soon as you receive the box, identify the battery correctly (it resembles the white tobacco roll of the cigarette) and screw it into either the USB charger or the wall adapter.
  • Charge the battery to its full level. The light on the tip of the battery glows steadily to indicate that charging is complete which means it’s time to remove the battery from the charger.
  • Remove the cover of a new cartridge and screw it on to the battery. This finishes putting the e-cigarette together.
  • There is no need to worry about leakage or spillage as the quality and design of the battery and the cartridge ensures a close fit that is leak-proof.
  • You can now start puffing. Whenever you draw on the SmokeTip e-cigarette, there is a sensing device that detects the intake of breath and triggers the atomizer which is built into the cartridge.
  • This atomizer converts the liquid nicotine of the cartridge into vapor which is inhaled by the smoker.
  • With each draw, the little bulb on the end of the cigarette glows, simulating a real cigarette.
  • When the battery goes weak, this light starts blinking and whenever this happens, it is time to recharge the battery.
  • The advantage of the wall charger is that it is cordless and saves space. It has a USB slot to its side.
  • If the battery does not fit into the wall charger, you can always try using the USB charger in combination with the wall charger.
  • The USB charger can be used with any Windows, Mac PC or notebook computer. If there is no power and your notebook PC is running on battery, the USB charger comes in really handy too! 

SmokeTip Starter Kit

The thing about Smoketip starter kit is that at a price of $59, this kit seems to be overpriced. If you review and compare it with some of the other top brands that offer great quality products, you are sure to pick the former. The kit comes with two e cigarette batteries; the batteries are regular lithium ion batteries. There are five e cig cartridges, a wall adapter and a USB adaptor. Almost all of the other e cig brands offer standard kits at a price lower than or close to the price that Smoketip is asking for but the added advantage with other brands is that they offer more accessories in there standard kits.  Overall, I would not rate this as one of the best e cigarette starter kit in this price range.

SmokeTank  Starter Kit

The Smoketip tank starter kit is made of Pyrex glass and it has a solid steel look. There is a spring tip through which you can get an e liquid boast and the atomizer used is a dual core one, which means that the e liquid will heat up quickly and you will not have to wait for long for the e liquid to vaporize. The Smoketip tank kit comes with a 650mah battery, which though is high capacity but is not as powerful as you would want a tank battery to be. The plus point here is that the kit comes with an extra battery, which will allow you to vape uninterrupted. There is a 12 ml e liquid bottle, a transition piece, a USB charger and a wall adaptor. The kit can be bought for $79, which again makes this a hefty investment to make if you consider what other vaporizers like the V2 Pro and South Beach’s Storm have to offer.


  • As of now, there are no discounts being offered by SmokeTip. 


  • SmokeTip 180 mAh batteries are sold for $18.95.
  • They measure 63.5mm (2.5in) long and are 9mm in diameter.
  • There is also the option of buying the 350 mAh battery for $24.95. They measure 102mm (4in) long with a diameter of 9mm.
  • With these high power batteries, the advantage is that smokers can enjoy smoking for hours together without having to worry about recharging. 


  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all SmokeTip products.
  • If the customer is not satisfied, the money paid for the SmokeTip product is refunded in all cases where the original packaging is intact.
  • There is also a lifetime warranty on SmokeTip batteries.
  • Any time a battery stops working or gives you problems, simply bubble wrap it and return it to SmokeTip for a replacement free of charge. 


People report that switching over to SmokeTip has kept them away from the risks of regular cigarette smoking such as tobacco fumes that hurt the eyes, cause foul breath and coughing. Many have given extremely positive feedback saying that the product is excellent while giving praises to the company’s customer service. Unlike more expensive brands, SmokeTip is customer-friendly and cheap. 

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