V2 Cigs Review

The electronic cigarette industry has come a long way thanks to the positive effects that many users are acknowledging. This has also given the industry developers the impetus to diversify and find newer and better ways to satisfy their customers. V2 cigs is one such company.

V2 cigs

V2 cigs

They have a very useful website to begin with as they dwell in detail about why certain aspects and features have been adopted into their products. This begins with the explanation of how electronic cigarettes are undeniably better than traditional cigarettes. They also speak about how 2-piece electronic cigarettes are better and also compare their products against other electronic cigarettes, traditional cigarettes and offer explanations of why they think they are better.

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On each of their comparison pages, they start with a table listing what V2 has or does not have as against the others. The other electronic cigarettes brands they have chosen to compare with are Green Smoke, NJoy and Blu. And on the other page V2 Cigs are compared with tobacco cigarettes. This comparison actually helps as you will be curious to know more and will spend some more time and effort in trying to find whether their claims are true. This section is thus an eye-opener to the customer who is thinking to switch to electronic cigarettes from traditional ones.

One reason why you will surely like V2 cigs is because of the various starter kits they offer. It seems like there is something for everyone so that you can pick and choose. There are eight kits and each is based on some feature. So, the user can comfortably select the one he wants. For instance, if you and your spouse smoke and you want to get a kit together, there is the Couples kit. So instead of going for individual one’s for each, you can go for this one.

The lowest of V2cigs kits costs $24.95 and the most expensive one costs $189.95. Whichever the kit, it is certainly well worth the money you will pay for it.

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As for flavors and nicotine strength, there are twelve flavors and one limited edition flavor and also seven cartridges to choose from. Another good thing is that there is also a choice of batteries, namely three to decide between.

A cartridge provided by V2 cigs is almost equal to a pack of regular cigarettes and the nicotine contents are 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg and 24mg. These options in e liquid offer smokers the ability to vape at different strengths as well as enjoy the many flavors that are offered. A smoker is able to start off at a higher content and then taper off to a much lower content such as 0 mg and they will be able to do so at the same flavor.

V2 Cigs also gives an option to a smoker to make his own choice of flavored cartridges. V2 Cigs will custom design cartridges to fit flavor of your choice, taste, strength and style like you desire. One can select the strength from 0-24 mg, the cartridge color from pan tone color selector on their website and give a good description of the flavor one wants and then later one can enjoy his custom made cartridges. This is a feature which is rarely found in electronic cigarette brands. 

 You can find V2cigs on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest and there is also blog and forum for the brand. This helps you to connect with other customers and share experiences and remarks.

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