Vapor Cigarettes: Environment Saver or Environment Hater?

Despite the aggressive ad campaigns which often employ scare tactics to make people stop smoking (or never start in the first place), cigarette smoking remains as a popular addiction and pastime. The relaxation offered by the nicotine in a cigarette can calm the nerves and help a person make it through a stressful day. Unfortunately, traditional cigarettes have become a threat to our environment.

Chemicals in Traditional Cigarettes
Traditional cigarettes contain so many toxic ingredients that science literally has yet to identify them all. This may come as a shock, especially when you consider how many decades they have been studied for and the level of research involved. These toxins are released into the atmosphere with every breath and when cigarette butts are tossed onto the ground, they end up in our water supply and at sea.

Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette

It is well-known that the chemicals in cigarettes can cause cancer in people and animals. Releasing these chemicals into our environment is having unknown effects, but it can certainly be determined that the effects are not good for animal life. Cigarette smoking produces ten times more pollution than car exhausts!

Trash from Traditional Cigarettes
In addition, cigarette stubs are a huge trash problem, accounting for one out of every five items found during the International Coastal Cleanup Project. They are unattractive on sidewalks, in the streets and in parking lots, making towns look dirty and unkempt. Stubs can even be picked up and eaten by young children, making this a health risk for little ones.

The Solution: Vapor Cigarettes
Fortunately, recent years have brought about the introduction of the vapor cigarette. It’s an electronic device which looks like a normal cigarette. It does not burn the nicotine but vaporizes it, resulting into vapors instead of smoke. This is why these cigarettes are called Vapor Cigarettes. Also known as an e-cig, electric cigarette, or electronic cigarette, these are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Vapor cigarettes have minimal ingredients: Nicotine, water, flavoring and one more chemical (the final ingredient varies among companies). Users can rest assured that they are not sending toxins into the environment. Instead, steam or vapor is released. Even the scent is either non-existent or very faint, making vapor cigarettes an excellent choice in the company of non-smokers.

Vapor cigarettes

Vapor Cigarettes are comprised of either two or three parts. Some models have a separate atomizer, while others include it in the refill cartridges. The refill cartridges are the only disposable parts, generally equal to about one pack of cigarettes. However, for the truly environmentally (and financially) conscious, the refill cartridges may actually be re-used by simply replacing the e-Liquid.

True advocates of the environment will also question the environmental cost of the manufacture of vapor cigarettes. While an exact calculation has yet to be completed scientifically, e-cigs are undoubtedly better for the environment due to their capacity to be reused. Naturally, the most cheaply made models likely will not last as long as those that are clearly made with quality in mind.

If smoking cigarettes has you concerned about the environment, consider switching to a vapor cigarette. With refillable models available, you can even make a homemade version of the e-Liquid, making this an ideal choice for anyone who truly cares about the environment.


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